Surfin’ Spoon is a radical little frozen yogurt bar established by professional surfer Jesse Hines in 2012.

He and his wife, Whitney, are passionate about the Outer Banks community, surfing, and tasty treats. Surfin’ Spoon is more than frozen yogurt, it’s an experience!

Enjoy awesome frozen yogurt and sorbets, super-friendly staff, a laid-back atmosphere with surf movies, a game room, and classic photos displayed throughout the shop of local surfers and timeless images of the Outer Banks. This is not your typical frozen yogurt bar. Located in Nags Head just steps from the beach, come hang out with us and taste “waves of flavor in every bowl”. You’re gonna be stoked… Yewww!

We Love People

Jesse, Whitney, and the incredible crew at the Surfin’ Spoon genuinely love people.  Whether getting to know our customers, donating the money in the ceiling to Surfing For Autism, or providing yogurt for local community events, the Surfin’ Spoon hopes to bring joy and encouragement through service, relationships, and love.

Ten Epic Flavors

At Surfin’ Spoon we offer ten EPIC flavors to choose from.  Everyday we have nine low-fat or non-fat frozen yogurts, and we always offer one refreshing vegan sorbet (non-dairy).  "No sugar added" flavors are also available frequently (call ahead to check). Our premium frozen yogurts are made with high quality ingredients, live active yogurt cultures, and taste amazing!

How it began...

Jesse is a former professional surfer from the Outer Banks.  He’s been shredding and traveling all over the world since age 14.  Whitney is a surfer and artist that creates pottery in her studio, “the mud room”.

As Jesse’s career was winding down, they had a goal to have jobs where they could work together.  On vacation in Georgia in 2010, some friends took them to a self-serve frozen yogurt shop and they fell in love with this healthy tasty treat.

It was at that moment that Surfin’ Spoon really came about. Jesse recalls, “As we sat eating yogurt with friends, our minds were blown when we realized the Outer Banks didn’t have anything like this! Before we knew it, names were flying around the table and we had visions of a wall of photos of customers spooning…soon the joking turned kind of serious..and well as the saying goes…the rest is history!”

You want More?

Check out this short video our friends at Twiddy made about us!

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